crack-a-lacquer said: Hi Candice! I'm thinking of transferring to a college across the country, and it got me thinking about my polish collection. I don't know how far you live from your college, but how do you deal with taking your polish back and forth on longer breaks?

I have two large storage bin drawer kind of things that I keep my polishes in, and when I go off to school I take them with me. However, I drive to school (it’s only like 2.5 hours away) and if I went to a school I had to fly to I don’t know if I’d be able to take it all. I do take them all home with me on winter break since it’s about a month long, but for smaller week-long breaks I have a smaller carrying case that I can fit about 30-40 bottles plus brushes and whatnot in for those guys. A lot of it depends on your stash size really. I hope this is helpful, because it felt a lot like a rambly mess to me haha.