pvrunnerchick96 said: You seem nice so ill ask you.. How do you do the galaxy nails?! I've wanted to try them so bad for a while but I have no clue how! Do you think you could make a tutorial or something? That would be amazing!!!! :)

There’s tons and tons of tutorials for galaxy nails out there, so I don’t think I’m gonna make one because they’re pretty redundant at this point. However, I will talk you through how I did these most recent ones!

First off, the key to galaxy nails is to use a makeup sponge and a very light hand. I started with a plain creme black base, and then sponged a really dark teal creme (Essie Overboard) over about two thirds of the nail in random locations. The next color I used was white, and to make sure it was really light and not too overpowering, I got some polish on the sponge, and then dabbed it on a piece of paper enough times that barely any was left on. Did the white in random bits on the nails, then followed up super lightly with yellow, peach, and aqua creme polishes concentrated mostly where the white is.

After doing all these parts, it’s really important to just check out how your nails look and to see where there’s a good balance of light and dark, where it gets to be too much and where you need more color. On the nails where you have too much color/galaxy, just go in sponging alternately with the dark colors you used until you get a shape/contrast that you like. 

The step that makes these really look like galaxies is adding the stars. I like to concentrate mine in the lightest portions of my nebulae, but all of that is up to you. Some people like to add glitter, I think I prefer mine without, but that’s just me. A lot of this is up to personal preference. If you need any more help with galaxies, I’d say to check out this tutorial because it’s awesome and the daily nail is awesome too. 

I really hope all of this was helpful! And that you see this haha