panikingpandora said: I have a horrible problem with my nails chipping after one day. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to make a manicure last longer? Thanks. By the way your nails are awesome :)

Thank you! There’s a few things you could do to help with this:

1- make sure you swipe a cotton ball with remover on it over your nails right before you put any polish on. It’ll get rid of the natural oils that make your polish come off faster, and anything else that might be lurking around your nails.

2- I find that lightly (REALLY LIGHTLY) buffing my nails right before polishing helps my manis stay on longer. I can’t be sure why but I just feel like it does. However, if you have especially thin nails, I wouldn’t do this step, and if you polish your nails every day or real often, I wouldn’t do it every time you polish them. I do mine about once a week.

3- Using a good base and top coat (and finding the ones that work best for your needs) are key. My favorite base coat is OPI Nail Envy, and I recommend this to everyone I talk to because it makes your nails so healthy and keeps polish on better than any other base coat I’ve used. However, for me top coat is more important I think than base. If I don’t use a quick dry top coat, my nails chip within a few hours of doing them. A lot of people swear by Seche Vite, and I think that the first 2/5 of a bottle, but then it gets too gloopy for me to use. Personally, I love Sally Hansen Insta Dry that comes in the red bottle. It’s thick enough to smooth things out, but doesn’t get too glooped up, dries super fast, stays strong and shiny for a long time, just all around good things. 

I hope one of these things helps you! I know some people just generally get terrible wear with polishes, so hopefully this will help you get more time out of your manis!