Anonymous said: your love of UO Virgin put it on my wishlist, and it IS lovely! :) I'm very happy to have it, thanks for raving. are you aware that American apparel Cotton is a total dupe? ...or I don't know if part of the definition of dupe is that it's cheaper than the original and I realize now that I've no clue which came first but ALL I'm tryin' to say is I cannot distinguish between two coats of each. :) thaaat's all. haha. quality nail blog! yours is one that really got me hooked on nails last year.

Ahh this is totally sweet!! and I want to own American Apparel Cotton SOOOOO BAAADDDLYYYY but it’s never in stock when I look at their polishes it’s so upsetting! And I’ll be honest every time I go to an Urban Outfitters I buy at least two Virgins. As weird as that sounds… it’s true though.